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I strive to be different but I've been called much worse.

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All photographs and quotes are my own

Early in 2020, I decided to start a project called "Pic-a-day" where, every day, I would post a picture on social media that I had taken. Eventually, people were encouraging me to "do something" with my photographs. Coming soon will be a link to purchase greeting cards made with these memes. In the meantime, tour the meme gallery below. And keep me in mind when you want to connect with someone you know. 

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What Was I Thinking!

A video series where I talk about the crazy things I've done that led to surprisingly good things. Maybe you'll be encouraged to step outside your comfort zone too.

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Common Luminaries

A podcast about seemingly ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things. These are stories, told by the people who lived them. Like NPR says, "Want to feel happier? Try talking with a stranger."

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A three-minute film about the journey that my six-pound, twelve-year-old yorkie-poo took to conquer her fears.



Audio productions of popular titles recorded with

music and sound effects

My grandson is blind so I recorded audiobooks, complete with music and sound effects, to help him experience the stories that kids love. Please feel free to share these with your loved ones as well. Membership registration is required because this page is for children. 

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Recordings of popular blogs

Over the years, I've recorded audio versions of popular installments from a few of my platforms. For those who prefer to listen.

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Self-published & Unpublished

Check out my works of fiction that include a five-star novel available on Amazon, those scheduled for self-publishing and one that attracted a Hollywood producer.

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From inspiration to comedy

I've written blogs on three different platforms: Abnormal Mom's Survival Guide, Cindy's A to Z's of Comedy and Philitically Incorrect. Check out each.