A Boy Named Trevor Catcher

An adventure on how to turn surviving into thriving.

Two-Book Series


Trevor Catcher was orphaned by ten and then abandoned by a greedy aunt who dropped custody when his money ran out. By the time he was fourteen, he had been in and out of so many foster homes, he was on track to be the next bad thing. Then Trevor encounters an estranged uncle, Pops. This towering, rodeo livestock contractor might be the only person tough enough to turn Trevor around. But when the boy befriends Sindry, a runaway, his rebellious nature lands him in detention. 

Fortunately Pops knows his counselor. She becomes part of his life and slowly helps Trevor understand that instead of condemning himself for the skill he developed to survive, he should put it to work. With the support of a new friend, Jack, Trevor uses his toughness to become a high school bull riding champ and is on course to realize his dream of being a rodeo professional.

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Trevor thinks life couldn't be better until Sindry realizes their dreams don't mesh and decides she's holding him back from living his. The breakup sends Trevor off the rails on a wild road trip that screeches to a halt when he finds out Pops has died. Thinking he's responsible for Pops' death as well as his father's, Trevor sinks into a downward spiral. Meanwhile, Jack is embroiled in his own struggles. A tryout lands him on a minor league baseball team but his girlfriend isn't handling his absence well. Then she gets pregnant. 

Jack and Trevor are two young men who don't know what it's like to have support. Or options. Their dreams held together with duct tape and bailing twine, each clings to a fragile chance to live a better life. 

When Jack's girlfriend gives birth to twins and loses one, a family secret surfaces that could burden Jack with his family's dysfunction. And just when Trevor decides to sell Pops' business and turn his back on everything he wanted, he meets a family that is happy to partner up. On the forefront is a daughter who is anxious to erase the memory of Trevor's first flame. But her clan comes with it's own perils. Her jealous brother doesn't like splitting the business with a stranger. And he'll do anything to keep Trevor from signing a contract. 

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