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Essays on finding grace during the not-so-finer things in life

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This article also appeared as a guest blog at Dragon Intuitive online.

It’s overcast so I intend to speed past, believing that without the sun, nothing will shine. But I’m wrong— admittedly. I stare into the still water, opaque darkness obliterating what I might see beyond the surface. As I watch, wondering why I was called to the edge, the messy, m...

Maybe you don’t know this, but I’m sober. I made my decision to stop drinking without a public service announcement, bells, whistles or fanfare. I was simply forced to make a difficult decision and I did. 

Since then, I’ve realized that alcoholism is only one addiction that requires a difficult decision. Replacing “alcohol” with gambling, narcotics...

This post originally appeared on a blog site called "Rescue Dog Tales."

He came with the name Pony-Pony. For obvious reasons, we changed it—quickly. But we didn’t go with my son’s suggestion: Brownie. To the child who’d named the goldfish with big eyes, Eyes, and the one with a gold cap, Hat… well, you get the picture. Instead, we admired the overgr...

Last May I shared a story with an audience in Philadelphia about the day I decided to take my own life. This is that story.

Access the audio version here.

Joe Walsh, a member of the immortal rock band, The Eagles, once said, “As you live your life it appears to be anarchy and chaos and random events; non-related events smashing into each other a...

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I avoid vacation. I don’t like the inconvenience of packing up and relocating to a place where I can do the same thing I can do from home. It drives my family crazy but honestly, it’s not my fault. Living in Philadelphia with its vast options for entertainment and recreation makes it easy for me to be a homebody. Quite...

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Yeah, I have anxiety. For years I’ve said that I don’t but within every definition of the condition, it’s evident. I do. Leaving the house is an undeserved chore and I’d rather starve than watch the automatic doors greet me at the grocery. The thought of abandoning the isolated comfort of my cottage paralyzes me. 


On March 9, 2015, I was invited to sit down with author, founder of The Anthony Group, Inc. and The Entrepreneurs Network and business Impresario, Rick Anthony, to talk about the feature film based on my novel "The Aliquot Sum" and other things on the topic of being "different."


I want to thank Rick and the crew at Radnor Studio 21 for the opportun...

Access the audio version here

I doubted the pond had anything more to say, I mean, how many times could I stand by murky water and get a message? The urge that day to plant myself on the rock wall amid goat turds and mown grass debris to dangle my feet in the cool water was, I felt, ridiculous, but I did it anyway. Here’s the silly part: I always...

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All content copyright © 2019 Cindy Falteich, All rights reserved.