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How Fear is Disgusting Itself

Access the audio version here. I doubted the pond had anything more to say, I mean, how many times could I stand by murky water and get a message? The urge that day to plant myself on the rock wall amid goat turds and mown grass debris to dangle my feet in the cool water was, I felt, ridiculous, but I did it anyway. Here’s the silly part: I always suspend my feet cautiously below the surface, careful to watch for that elusive snapping turtle. I can see my toes but I can’t see the pond’s bottom. It’s like an unknown abyss. At least that’s my rationalization for having fear, admittedly, of something I cannot see. Anyway, if I had to sit, I might as well relax so I did. I stared at the surface

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All content copyright © 2019 Cindy Falteich, All rights reserved.