The Abnormal Mom's Survival Guide

Essays on finding grace during the not-so-finer things in life.

Yeah, I Have Anxiety

Access the audio version here. Yeah, I have anxiety. For years I’ve said that I don’t but within every definition of the condition, it’s evident. I do. Leaving the house is an undeserved chore and I’d rather starve than watch the automatic doors greet me at the grocery. The thought of abandoning the isolated comfort of my cottage paralyzes me. But I do it. Because what I want in life makes the choice a necessary evil. I’m getting better at it. I’ve reduced my wardrobe to the pieces that give me comfortable confidence. My flat shoes minimize my height and my anxiety. This particular day, for added confidence, I’ve worn my hair down. It helps me hide. And I accept that. I am who I am. And who

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All content copyright © 2019 Cindy Falteich, All rights reserved.