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Don't Pack Your Baggage

Access the audio version here. I avoid vacation. I don’t like the inconvenience of packing up and relocating to a place where I can do the same thing I can do from home. It drives my family crazy but honestly, it’s not my fault. Living in Philadelphia with its vast options for entertainment and recreation makes it easy for me to be a homebody. Quite frankly, I’m justified. So in August when I was invited to go on the rodeo “trail” with a friend of mine who’s a professional bull rider to help with his 20-month-old son, I had no way to refuse, no leg to stand on, no excuses. I definitely couldn’t do that in the ‘burbs. The option didn’t come out of left field. Knowing previously that his inten

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All content copyright © 2019 Cindy Falteich, All rights reserved.