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I'm a comedian, author and blogger who has written in about every medium. I've produced the YouTube series WHAT WAS I THINKING! (a series about seemingly crazy ideas that lead to surprisingly good things), the podcast COMMON LUMINARIES (ordinary people doing extraordinary things) and have written six novels, one of which earned five stars on Amazon (THE REVOLUTION OF CHARLOTTE SMITH).


I've also completed two screenplays along with 150+ blogs/essays on three separate platforms. One of those, PHILITICALLY INCORRECT, had numerous posts shared at via Bleacher Report. In THE ABNORMAL MOM'S SURVIVAL GUIDE, I share the difficulties I've encountered in finding grace during the not-so-finer things in life. And in CINDY'S A TO Z'S OF COMEDY, I created a comedy post to match each letter of the alphabet as inspired by the AtoZ Challenge held each April.


I've been a caregiver for LaMancha Animal Rescue, a guest on Happy Hour with Annmarie Kelly at WCHE 1520am and have contributed to the GULL COTTAGE online network of writers as well as TECHNICAL.LY PHILLY, GENEROCITY and numerous other sites. A former horse trainer, stand-up comic and small business owner, I now write and occasionally get on stage in the greater Philadelphia area.

I'm also an amateur photographer. Images from my personal collection grace the galleries on this site and are viewable here

About Me
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