A tale of choosing happiness over absolutely everything.

In this women's fiction novel, Daley Henkis, a single middle-aged beauty, claims she wants to be happy, yet makes every decision to the contrary. But is she justified? Her half-sister lives in the big mansion on the hill while she inhabits the cabin at the bottom. That's what happens when a rich, successful man has a child with both his wife and his mistress and then dies. Daley has since lived like she's the immutable illegitimate kid. 


Never married, she stays in the gray space with a lover who doesn't commit yet won't move on. Then a run-in with a much younger acquaintance triggers a mid-life crisis. Her choice draws her into a love quadrangle between her long-time rodeo cowboy boyfriend, the ex-bull rider who's always loved her and the young acquaintance--an uncomplicated major league pitcher--who needs her help. But when he turns out to be more than just a friend, the revelation forces her to atone for her choices.

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