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I do not exactly recall what was happening in this picture, but I am quite sure that I was in my dress whites, about to leave the Boat on liberty. At this time, I have my "Fish", Boomer pin, and a Sea service ribbon on my uniform. That would make me more confident then "Fresh Fish" at Shawshank, but still junior enough to not be too big headed. Cocky...yes. Big headed...No

This is aboard the Nuclear powered Missile boat USS James Madison 627 Blue crew. Circa  early 1989. Sonar Shack 

I hope you enjoy the pictures below.  

Dave Morton

But first...
USS James Madison (SSBN-627)

USS James Madison (SSBN-627), the lead ship of her class of ballistic missile submarine, was the second ship of the United States Navy to be named for James Madison (1751–1836), the fourth President of the United States (1809–1817). 


If you are wondering, there are 41 of these original Missile submarines. (see below) Each named after great men in American history. Including a few Non-Americans. ex. King of Hawaii, Kamehameha and Casimir Polaski.  Each of these Submarines had an Alias as well. The James Madison had a few. "Jolly Dolly" - "Mad Dog" and also "The pig in the ocean that had a bad ass wiggle when she went fast" (That last one was my embellishment)  AND each of the came home safely every single time. Thanks in part to Hyaman pictured below. 

How dangerous is serving on a sub?
The USS Thresher disaster

"Today as I write this 5/22/19, it is the 50th anniversary of the USS Thresher's fatal demise. While some things are humorous, I am always reminded of the honor and seriousness of the life we lived."

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