GIGOLO is a psycho-sexual examination of human connectedness that blends erotic delicacy into viscerally intense, forthright prose. Written from the perspective of a ruminating New York City gigolo, this story explores a painfully sad and often humorous journey of dark self-discovery that examines the long-term effects of a broken family further crushed by the weight of abuse.

This novel was developed under the guidance of a veteran producer (34 films and an HBO Award winner) who intents to adapt it to film. It is complete and unpublished. 

Erotically-charged like Lisa Locascio’s OPEN ME, unnerving like Sarah Water’s FINGERSMITH and tightly paced like ULTRALUMINOUS by Katherine Faw Morris, GIGOLO is told from the perspective of a cheeky, disturbed protagonist like Jeff Lindsay’s DEXTER. At a recent nationwide writing conference, an industry professional compared my novel to Henry Miller’s TROPIC OF CANCER.

Read the first chapter here.
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