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Cindy's A to Z's of Comedy

Cable Television Interview

30 Minutes with Rick Anthony

On March 9, 2015, I was invited to sit down with author, founder of The Anthony Group, Inc. and The Entrepreneurs Network and business Impresario, Rick Anthony, to talk about the feature film based on my novel The Aliquot Sum (renamed The Revolution of Charlotte Smith) and other things on the topic of being "different."

Radio Appearances

Happy Hour with Annmarie Kelly on WCHE -
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Below are audio recordings of selected posts from The A to Z's of Comedy. All blogs written and read by Cindy Falteich.

It's Just On Fire -
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Whether You're Ready or Not -
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After the Laughter -
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More coming soon.

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My dog riding on my motorcycle

Cindy's YouTube Videos

Cindy's Crooked Counter Series

In this episode (of what will be a series of very few), I compare Pacific Organic Free Range Chicken Broth to Imagine Organic Free Range Chicken Broth. This is not a scientific study and as such, will help in drawing few conclusions.

Audio Recordings

Below are audio recordings of selected posts from The Abnormal Mom's Survival Guide. All content written and read by Cindy Falteich.

Change Your Story -
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Don't Pack Your Baggage -
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Yeah, I Have Anxiety -
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Blank Slate -
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Your Last Day Ever -
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How Fear is Disguising Itself -
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Why You Are Here -
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Is There Any Such Thing as Luck? -
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More coming soon.

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