Mom of the Year

The Synopsis

At the age of sixteen, Melissa Kennedy was kicked out of the house and spent the next two years failing to reconcile with her family. Now she’s the thirty-something loser who clings to hope in New York City. She knows what it's like to grow up in a small, hick town. You either escape, or resign to die with the vagabonds, scoundrels and eccentric characters who try to overshadow all of the good. That's why she left. But she never found her footing. 

To reboot her life, she shows up at her high school reunion intent on rekindling a romance with her ex-boyfriend, Abel. Just like all her other intentions, this one meets a wall too; Able is dead. But his little brother is willing to step in—in every respect. Four weeks later, an EPT confirms the consequences of that one-night stand. Contrary to popular belief, until that night, she never had sex. Now this, in the town where all the trouble started. Suddenly she's sucked back into obscurity-ville and forced to piece together the fragments of a life with a man she only ever knew as a boy.

It doesn’t take long to discover that a dark undertone is at work. Frannie, a devious sociopath, has been cutting people off from their happiness for decades and now, with Melissa back in town, the old rivalry picks up where it left off. Little does this schemer know she’s crossed one too many lines. Oliver, one of the first to pay the price for her cunning, is back to avenge everyone she ever destroyed.

Melissa is on the list. But will Oliver expose the truth before she decides this town isn't worth the trouble?

This women's fiction novel, centered in a culture of classic cars, country music and the fictional Peyton Place of Pennsylvania, shrink-wraps the disparity between power and the unsuspecting into the microcosm of a small town.

For the series information, click here.

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