Mom of the Year

Based on the novel by the same name

This scripted television project with an ensemble cast is centered in a small town culture of classic cars and country music. With a soundtrack by musician Grayson Capps of "A Love Song for Bobby Long" fame, this drama-comedy shrink-wraps the disparity between power and the unsuspecting into the microcosm of a small town. Based in the greater Philadelphia area, it features the Philadelphia Phillies and other local heritage.

I know what it's like to grow up in a small, hick town. You either escape or resign to die with the vagabonds, scoundrels and eccentric characters who try to overshadow all of the good.


So when Melissa Kennedy finds herself knocked up by her old boyfriend’s little brother fifteen years after graduation, she's mortified. She never had a one-night stand and now this, in the town where trouble started. Suddenly she's sucked back into obscurity-ville only to discover that everything that went wrong with her life (which is everything) wasn't even her fault.


The problem is, when are you too old to try again?

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