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"This is a very good story and you are a very good writer."

"...written with great brio..."

GIGOLO is a psycho-sexual examination of human connectedness that blends erotic delicacy into viscerally intense, forthright prose. Written from the perspective of a ruminating New York City gigolo, this story explores a painfully sad and often humorous journey of dark self-discovery that examines the long-term effects of a broken family further crushed by the weight of abuse.

This novel was developed under the guidance of a veteran producer (34 films and an HBO Award winner) who intents to adapt it to film. It is complete and unpublished. 

Erotically-charged like Lisa Locascio’s OPEN ME, unnerving like Sarah Water’s FINGERSMITH and tightly paced like ULTRALUMINOUS by Katherine Faw Morris, GIGOLO is told from the perspective of a cheeky, disturbed protagonist like Jeff Lindsay’s DEXTER. At a recent nationwide writing conference, an industry professional compared my novel to Henry Miller’s TROPIC OF CANCER.



This Amazon five-star novel follows seventeen-year-old Charlotte Smith through a complete life revolution that starts when she decides to spite her controlling parents by staging her disappearance. As a result, she becomes the reluctant guest of four bull riders on their way to a professional bull riding event. This sexy, drama-comedy is based in the real world of the Professional Bull Riders.

"Full of adventure and hairpin plot turns, this book will surprise you most by what it does to your heart." --Amazon review



Without the city.

Proving once and for all size doesn't matter.

At the age of sixteen, Melissa Kennedy was kicked out of the house and spent the next two years failing to reconcile with her family. Now she’s the thirty-something loser who clings to hope in New York City. She knows what it's like to grow up in a small, hick town. You either escape, or resign to die with the vagabonds, scoundrels and eccentric characters who try to overshadow all of the good. That's why she left. But she never found her footing. 

This women's fiction novel, complete and unpublished, has also be adapted to a cable-rated limited series. 



A Young Adult adventure.

How to turn surviving into thriving.

Trevor Catcher was orphaned by ten and then abandoned by a greedy aunt who dropped custody when his money ran out. By the time he was fourteen, he had been in and out of so many foster homes, he was on track to be the next bad thing. Then Trevor encounters an estranged uncle, Pops. This towering, rodeo livestock contractor might be the only person tough enough to turn Trevor around. But when the boy befriends a runaway, his rebellious nature threatens all he's ever wanted. 

This unpublished YA series, written in the honest adolescent vein of John Green and Judy Blume, features a multi-cultural cast of characters who, because of their difficult pasts, don't know how to quit.

A sexy tale on how to choose happiness over absolutely everything.



Never married, 40-something Daley Henkis lives in the gray space with a lover who doesn't commit yet won't move on until a run-in with a much younger acquaintance triggers a mid-life crisis. Her choice draws her into a love quadrangle between her long-time rodeo cowboy boyfriend, the ex-bull rider who's always loved her and the young acquaintance--an uncomplicated major league pitcher--who needs her help. But when he turns out to be more than just a friend, the revelation forces her to atone for her choices.

This women's fiction novel is complete and unpublished.

Maybe it's not about finding a better man.

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