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Adaptations of original work and stand-alone




Feature film script

Rated R

Based on the novel by the same name, this screenplay isn't written against a backdrop of professional bull riding, it's saturated with it.

Four collide in this road trip about coming of age in so many ways. When seventeen-year-old Charlotte Smith decides she'll spite her controlling father by staging her disappearance, she becomes the reluctant guest of three bull riders on their way to an event. Turns out, when she makes her own decisions, the result isn't pretty. Fortunately she's surrounded by riders who know that crashing is part of the game. Getting up is the hard part.


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Feature film script

Rated R

A comedy about an often misunderstood spo(r)t.

A female Mixed Martial Arts fighter struggling with her limited options for the future (compliments of a criminal record), has a crush on the big-hearted male champ at her gym. Believing he’d never date anyone like her, she tells a friend she’d “…give anything to meet him.” This sets off a series of events that commence with a spontaneous orgasm condition that not only draws her crush into her life, but in an unexpected (and often painful) twist, gives everyone exactly what they asked for.


This romantic-sport-comedy ensemble, called "A comedic version of The Fighter" by Emerging Screenwriters, offers a combination of banter like The Heat, contention like The Family Stone and the feel good resolution of Delivery Man.

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Cable rated series


Without the city.

Proving once and for all

size doesn't matter.

This scripted cable series with an ensemble cast is centered in a small town culture of classic cars and country music. With a soundtrack by musician Grayson Capps of "A Love Song for Bobby Long" fame, this drama-comedy shrink-wraps the disparity between power and the unsuspecting into the microcosm of a small town. Based in the greater Philadelphia area, it features the Philadelphia Phillies and other local heritage.

I know what it's like to grow up in a small, hick town. You either escape or resign to die with the vagabonds, scoundrels and eccentric characters who try to overshadow all of the good.


So when Melissa Kennedy finds herself knocked up by her old boyfriend’s little brother fifteen years after graduation, she's mortified. She never had a one-night stand and now this, in the town where trouble started. Suddenly she's sucked back into obscurity-ville only to discover that everything that went wrong with her life (which is everything) wasn't even her fault.


The problem is, when are you too old to try again?

Mom of the Year
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