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The Revolution of Charlotte Smith






"This book puts Fifty Shades of Grey to shame. The characters are so real you feel their joy and sorrows. The story line makes it impossible to put the book down... The perfect mix of reality, romance, and naughty that keeps you wanting more."


"Cindy Falteich created colorful characters zooming through life. They are above all authentic. Her young protagonist begins a weekend with a simple defiant act to get the attention of her parents and winds up on the adventure of her lifetime or anyone’s lifetime. She wants to do what anyone does, be herself, or begin to be her young self and live her own life. That simple petulant desire bumps head on into the lives of four others and her quest changes everyone forever. For every action there is a reaction. This breezy and spicy read keeps moving with plenty of surprises..."




"Full of adventure and hairpin plot turns, this book will surprise you most by what it does to your heart."


"Full of adventure and hairpin plot turns, this book will surprise you most by what it does to your heart." --Amazon review

Earning five stars on Amazon, this novel follows a seventeen-year-old through a full life revolution that starts when she decides to spite her controlling parents by staging her disappearance. But when a defiant act leads to a criminal offense, a good Samaritan offers her a choice: stay and face the consequences or get in the truck. She soon becomes the reluctant guest of four bull riders on their way to a professional bull riding event.

This sexy, funny, coming-of-age novel reveals the real stories behind the toughest hearts on dirt.

Reader Reviews

  • "This book is sexy, erotic, loving, sad, thoughtful and everything in between!"

  • "... sexy, hilarious and poignant."

  • "Curl up with this book on a summer vacation, a lazy fall day or in front of a roaring winter fire."

  • "This breezy and spicy read keeps moving with plenty of surprises."

  • "The storyline makes it impossible to put the book down."

  • "This is a must read!"

  • "I was not ready for this book to end."

  • "... driven by well crafted, sexy, raw characters and dialogue."

  • "A super-fun and intelligent read peppered with sexy interludes, romantic heat, and breathless action."

Through the eyes of four tough and brazen bull riders, Charlotte discovers that every life has a dark side.

Romie knows this. He stays married to a swimsuit model even though he can't keep his hands to himself.RJ can't resist a certain girl whose skin doesn't match his but he can't find the nerve to bring her home.Jimmy is just five feet of tough but even if he finds the courage to approach the girl of his dreams, a shameful secret might push her away. Then there's the cowboy with the superhero nickname. There's a reason he's called the Hulk, a reason he tried to stow in the past.


When the wilder side of life lures Charlotte in, she naively decides she won't go home. At least not yet. That selfish decision leads to an unexpected complication when someone she never meant to get hurt pays the price. Then a surprising confession leads her full circle to a conclusion that will impact all of their lives forever.



Eight become one in this coming-of-age novel that tells the real stories behind the chutes of the toughest sport on dirt.

​When I was twenty-something, I took a job training horses a few miles from the Missouri border in south central Iowa. I'd grown up in the northeast corner of that state so I could not fathom that a six-hour drive south would hurl me into culture shock. I was so different, the moment I spoke, I was deemed "The Canuck." What I also didn't know was I'd been plunged face-first into a culture of horses, cowboys, roping, rodeo and bull riding. I had finally found my nirvana. My jaw gaped for a week.


Years later I became engaged in a conversation with a teenage girl who had very impassioned input regarding her upbringing in spite of the lack of scarcity that surrounded her. Given the circumstances inherit in many people's lives, I found her concerns, well, trifling, but from that was born an understanding of the desire for autonomy in everyone and the baffling behavior some individuals exhibit in their quest to define themselves.


These two seemingly independent experiences became the impetus for the coming-of-age novel The Revolution of Charlotte Smith and subsequently the protagonist, Charlotte Smith.


I thought a great place for Charlotte to experience the less fortunate side of life would be to plunge her face-first into a culture unlike her own. To do this, I drew from my fandom of an extreme sports organization called the Professional Bull Riders (PBR). The PBR was started in 1992 when the top 20 bull riders in the world scraped together $1,000 each on the belief that bull riding could be a sport independent of rodeo with prize money that would allow riders to do more than consider their passion a money-grubbing hobby.  


So in 2010, I studied every event, documentary, and series I could find to incorporate real facts, figures, riders and bulls to open the door to those who had no idea what this rapidly growing sport was all about. In other words, this novel isn't written against a backdrop of bull riding, it's saturated with it.


Just like my figurative coming of age in southern Iowa, Charlotte Smith has no idea she'll literally be "coming of age" when she's unceremoniously thrown into what she perceives to be the crude world of professional bull riding. 

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